Paramount Coatings

The pinnacle of taste.

We added Paramount Coatings to our portfolio in 2013 after acquiring specialist coatings company The Paramount Chocolate Company Ltd of High Wycombe. Since then we’ve struck a careful balance of product quality, price and functionality to provide manufacturers with a real reason to switch to Paramount products.
The Paramount range’s initial success, combined with our ambitions for its future, led us to invest in our own purpose-built production unit in Basildon. This opened early in 2015.

• Yoghurt Coatings
• Bakery coatings.
• White coatings.
• Carob coatings.
• Toffee coatings.
• Ice cream coatings.
• Organic and kosher available.

Overall, a range of non-tempering toppings and coatings for cakes, cereal products, traybakes, biscuits, muffins and flapjacks etc.